Tech Helps Rethink Reforestation

Since the industrial revolution there has been a decrease of forested areas. This has resulted  in the tune that clearly says one thing and one thing alone, that this is unsustainable. Fortunately we see that many are now beginning to see this as a legitimate threat to the environment and thus the survival of the human race as a whole. The problem is that we are left to look at this and the reality of the situation as something that is almost insurmountable and cannot be easily over done over night. When we think about the oxygen cycle of this planet and how vital trees are to our survival some scientists are beginning to see this as the legitimate threat that it is and are developing technologies to take this on with the fervor and wear with all that you could imagine from a military contractor, given their fear of the ensured destruction of we cannot combat this legitimate threat.

reforestation2Still in its infancy, the field as a whole is beginning to return some interesting results and thus we are beginning to feel like we may actually have a real shot at making it baby. The big gun that is leading this charge and allowing the heavy hitters to step up and lay down some serious amount of reforestation in a little amount of time is a new concept drone out of MIT that is changing the way we think about the problem entirely. Consider what we think of when we think of the areas that have been heavily forested. They are often the times almost entirely unreachable and cannot be got at with any real quickness or ease without destroying more of the forest and never actually combating the problem that was originally presented. So the new concept was born out of the need that no impact was the only way to get this done. So what the drone does is it sweeps an area and determines the growth patterns of the trees in the area, as well as determining what trees would be able to possible thrive given the ideal circumstances.

reforestation3From there it plots out how to most quickly and space consciously plot out where to put the trees then it does its magic. It really is quite remarkable, in machine will remove the dirt in a small region of the ground and then use a kind of compressed air blow dart into the hole that is a frozen amount of soil with a seed inside that when thawed will have the means to grow like crazy. This can plant more tress at a faction of the cost of a human actor already and has effectively made it the cutting edge of this long time antiquated field all but the same. What is going to be hard is to see where this goes from here and if it is adopted because what needs to be taken into consideration is the duration a tree needs to reach maturity so the sooner we can get to pumping these out the better.

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