Originally developed by George Boole in the mid 1800’s, Boolean logic has allowed for today’s computers to play chess, make synonym suggestions on your word processor, and perform mathematical equations. In a sense, it allows for mental processes to be
You may already understand that computers store and read information by utilizing a binary code, or long strings of 0s and 1s that signify numbers, letters, and everything else you see on your computer. Each 0 and 1 is stored
In June of 2013, Google revealed their development of a very creative solution to a modern problem. “The goal of Project Loon is to bring internet to the almost two out of three people in the world who don’t have
Today the Hard drive recovery service is important to most of the businesses as well as for home users. The hard disks and computer are precise devices that little bug also causes some tremendous problems. There are different companies offering
Today losing of important documents and memories can cause more harm to people. Today, most of the company is expert in recovering the data from the failed storage and drivers and this could range from the essential backups on SSD