Maker Mania is in the Air

Hobbyists, investors and innovators the world over and have been experimenting and producing many of the do it yourself projects, but they are all in for a big change when DIY enters the next stage of existence. What is this stage you might ask, well there is no one thing that constitutes the next stage, or even two things for that matter, but one things is for certain, on this next plane of DIY mania we know that a corner stone of this world is 3D printing. We now find ourselves in the eye of a perfect storm of several converging forces that are going to push 3D printing to the fore, and from a collaborative economy, the jobless economy and the age of personal interest 3D printing is ripe to take over a much large role in the life of the American consumer.

These are three separate features in the equation of 3D printing but they are equal in their significance in moving the scales to an economy that has a huge interest in and desire to 3D print.erg

The economic circumstances of our time are no doubt a large contribution to the meteoric rise of the maker economy. This is due to the long hard and smooth nature of our economy that emerged in response to the great recession of 2008. Some know it to be the sharing economy, while still others call it the collaborative economy.

So where is the line of demonstration between to 2 aforementioned claims of what constitutes DIY culture in the general abstract existential of the term. What does it mean to DIY. Does not the “I” in this equation not stand in paramount importance as a vestige to navigate the cleavage between the peaks of certainty and the shores of uncertainty? The economy of Tech is turbulent across the board. 

when momcuTo speak more generally the sharing economy subset is about sharing or renting goods rather than buying them. In so doing the means which determine your social valuation and relative measure of worth are vastly different than how we normally associate meaning today. For example the rise of the ride sharing that has swept the county all the way through the home sharing way of doing things like Airbnb; whereas the overall collaborative economy aims to encompass the sharing economy in addition go collaborative, peer to peer activities such as crowdfunding peer to peer lending and task sharing like Task Rabbit and Instacart.

So yes, there is no doubt that technology made these companies possible, and without it this discussion and this diluted of a news story would not exist. But let’s also not deny the fact that the recession and its aftermath of uncertainty is what really set the pieces into motion for the economic over haul we see today, and gives us pause when considering the future of our economy and the way we interaction conduct commerce, in a way that we would not have done had the recession not happened, it is the seminal moment for determining where we are going with tech and as a nation in general.

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